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LIBERATION DAY Blu-Ray & CD - Supreme Leader Edition

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LIBERATION DAY Blu-Ray & The Sound Of Music CD (CD only)

Supreme Leader Edition - Blu-Ray & CD, feature hours of exclusive bonus material including commentary tracks, music videos, short films and not least the first full concert version of Laibach’s Sound of Music, performed in Graz, Austria 2018.

Supreme Leader Edition including full North Korea state TV footage of the world historic Pyongyang concert in 2015 and the new album The Sound Of Music CD.

Subtitles in 14 languages including English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Korean. Distributed by Demiurg (Slovenia). Region free!

Important notice for US clients - the BR is Region Free, but mastered in PAL for better picture quality, so only PAL or multisystem players will play it!!!