Spectre Party Revenue Stamp - 100II

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Spectre Revenue Stamp - 100 II (WTC)

Offset, relief printed on a bookprinting press, numbered with a mechanical counter on a bookprinting press

Stamp dimensions: 55 x 75 mm

With this 100ll SRS stamp you get 100€ store credit + 20% discount on all WTC items for 1 year. The store credit can be redeemed any time during the year.

The discount is on all items, including artworks, graphics, books, CDs etc, etc. You can also pre-order special and limited album releases (of which there will be several in the future) with the additional stamp-corresponding discount on top of the pre-order discount.

(Please note that you can only use one discount per purchase. If you buy all three Spectre Party stamps, you will not be able to apply all discounts to one purchase. The maximum discount possible with Spectre Stamps is 20%.) 

After you make your purchase we will process your order. When completed you will receive a confirmation e-mail (it might take a day or two). You can then shop using your store credit as well as your discount.

About Spectre Revenue Stamps (SRS)

Laibach is working on projects that need to be supported in advance, otherwise there’s little chance that we will be able to carry them out. In order to support these causes Laibach has created a set of beautiful, unique and exclusive Spectre Revenue Stamps (SRS).

Don’t forget: By ordering the Spectre Revenue Stamps you are supporting Laibach’s upcoming projects and your support is needed now more than ever, otherwise we wouldn’t even ask for it. Furthermore, with each Revenue Stamp that you purchase, not only do you support our projects, but you also obtain the Party’s appreciation, trust and affection.

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