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To all Laibach affiliates and sympathizers  

We would like to inform you of an exclusive Laibach event that is to take place in Trbovlje (SLO), 29 October 2017 at Delavski Dom. Laibach will hold a very special exclusive premiere concert as the final chapter of their Zarathustra Tour rehearsals, only open to Spectre Party members

Only Party members will be allowed to be present at the dress rehearsal and at the entire event as the very first audience to view this new show, created for the ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA TOUR, which will be hitting the road in November this year.    

A traditional Laibach party gathering at Mt. Kum will follow the show, where visitors will be able to meet and greet the band members. Together we will have a small welcome feast with local food and drinks. Bus transport will be organized from the venue to the top of the mountain and back to Trbovlje railway station and Delavski Dom.  

A special Laibach Trbovlje tour will also be organized prior to the concert for all participants. A number of significant places related to the establishment and history of Laibach will be visited.

Event participation tickets are 35 EUR and include: 

  • the Laibach Trbovlje tour;
  • transport from Delavski Dom to the after-party at Mt. Kum and back;
  • the welcome feast (food & drink);
  • night bus back to Ljubljana at 02:00.  

    * The door opens at 19:30, the show starts at 20:00.
    ** Laibach Trbovlje tour: from 2 PM to 5 PM 

    Feel free to book a room in Ljubljana as we are also organizing a night bus from Trbovlje train station back to Ljubljana at 2 AM, after the gathering at Mt. Kum. 

    How to become a Spectre Party member?

    Simply order your Spectre party book and fill out your personal data. Please note that you can purchase Spectre Revenue Stamps granting you a discount on the event participation ticket, as well as discounts at the Laibach WTC Shop.

    Get your Party book here
    Get your Spectre Revenue Stamps here.


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