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The Laibach Pendant (Bronze)

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This heroic two-tone stainless steel cross is customised for Laibach fans. Its design is lustrous with a polished finish. Embellished with the name of the band, engraved in black handwriting across the centre of the cross, this handsome ‘bronze’ pendant is made for men and women and for all other dedicated fans. You can thus discover faith and share your beliefs with this Laibach pendant in a masculine or feminine variation. Each leg of the cross represents different aspects of courage and bravery, passion and loyalty – the four ‘horsemen of the Apocalypse’. Wear it proudly and responsibly.

Description: A bronze plated pendant, with the name Laibach engraved in black, hangs on a black leather neck cord, 47 cm in length, with an easy-to-use matching bronze plated clasp.

Dimensions: Width 28 mm, height 28 mm, thickness 5 mm, weight 22 g (without packaging).

Material: Made of Zamak (a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper), plated in bronze.