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Ausstellung Laibach Kunst II - Poster

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Ausstellung Laibach Kunst - Poster

Offset print, 68x98 cm

 Ausstellung! Laibach Kunst was a characteristic call to Laibach's early exhibitions. These were impromptu events that lasted for one evening as a kind of soirée, attracted large audiences and provoked heated reactions. The exhibition AUSSTELLUNG! LAIBACH KUNST 1982-1984 presents this very early visual production with artworks in various techniques: paintings, prints, xeroxes, installations, photographs, video, posters and publications. An ambient installation in the same premises - the Škuc Gallery - recapitulates the original installations after more than forty years and reconstructs the aforementioned artistic production of Laibach in the formative years, between 1980 - 1984, the present poster of which is a motif in some of these early exhibitions, served as the cover of the invitation card, summarizes the central motto of Laibach's engagement with art, which asserts that "art and totalitarianism are not mutually exclusive" and that "totalitarian regimes abolish the illusion of revolutionary individual artistic freedom".  

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