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Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach - Book

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Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach is a collection of new interpretations and essays on Laibach, edited by Daniela Kirchstein, Johann Georg Lughofer, and Uwe Schütte.

For nearly forty years now, the Slovenian art collective Laibach have fascinated their audience with totalitarian symbolism and constantly changing music styles. In this volume, German- and English-speaking scholars examine the elusive phenomenon that is Laibach using a variety of perspectives and approaches in survey chapters and individual case studies that cover the entirety of Laibach’s oeuvre, from the group’s beginnings in post-Tito Yugoslavia in the early 1980s, up to their 2017 album Also sprach Zarathustra.

Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach offers exciting new interpretations of a band that continues to thrive artistically, astonishing the international cultural scene with their unpredictability and genius for provocation.

Texts are in German language and partly in English language.