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Iron Sky Director's Cut - Double Vinyl

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IRON SKY Director's Cut

Format: Double Vinyl

Label: MUTE

Mute and Laibach released on 16 December 2013 the Iron Sky Director’s Cut Original Soundtrack Deluxe Limited Edition Gatefold Vinyl / Double Vinyl + Double CD Set with new music created for the film. 

In 2012 Laibach were commissioned to compose the music for the Finnish dark comedy Iron Sky, which achieved cult-status and raised more than $1 million via crowdfunding.

The film plot revolves around the last moments of World War II when a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers, getting ready for the invasion of Earth!

The Director’s cut (aka The Dictator’s Cut) is the ultimate version of Iron Sky, featuring 20 additional minutes of never before seen footage, more epic space battles and special effects together with added music not included in the original version of the film.

The new soundtrack release is stripped of the added film dialogues that were present on the Original Soundtrack, giving a new perspective to the music for the ultimate listening experience, available for the first time on vinyl.


VINYL 1 - Side A

1. Take Me to Heaven
2. Problems Big Time (Die schwarze Sonne)
3. Classroom (Spaceship Hangar)
4. Kameraden, wir kehren heim!
5. White House
6. Ein Spion von der Erde
7. Washington's Escape With Interlude
8. Dr. Richer's Laboratory
9. Vivian's 'Untergang'
10. Klaus und Renate (part 1)
11. Klaus und Renate (part 2), Lesbensborn
VINYL 1 - Side B
1. Into The Machine
2. Renate and Washington At The Lab (part 1)
3. Renate and Washington At The Lab (part 2), Albinising Operation
4. Nazi Expedition To Earth
5. Renate's Surprise
6. Peace Lovin' Brother's Rap (Extended)
7. Vivian's Dilema
8. The Good Times For The Bad People
9. Renate's Message Of Peace
10. The Answer To The Question
11. The Moon Nazis Are Coming
12. 125' Later Ragtime
13. Renate's Revelation
14. A Good War Blues
VINYL 2 - Side A
1. Das B-Maschine
2. Die Flotte ist beriet
3. Der Führer's Last Waltz
4. Space Battle Suite
VINYL 2 - Side B
1. Moon Attack Potpurri
2. Götterdammerung muss fliegen
3. Fight Between Washington And Dr. Richter
4. Klaus and Renate's Final 'Rendezvous'
5. The Fall Of Götterdammerung
6. America
7. Under The Iron Sky
8. End Title (We Leave in Peace)
9. Hymm To The Black Sun (rmx)