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Laibach WTC

Kunst-Maschine - Book

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Essays on the Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach

312 pages.
Publisher: Drava Verlag.
Editors: Uwe Schütte, Johann Georg Lughofer, Daniela Kirschstein.
Some of the essays are in German and some in English language.

For over forty years now, Laibach has captivated its audience with totalitarian symbolism and a constantly shifting and improbable range of musical styles from industrial to rock and neo-classical music. Laibach not only critically question political thought structures, but equally examine state and religious power systems. Additionally, culture-industrial marketing mechanisms and ideological manipulation strategies of popular culture firmly belong to their self-appointed critical mission. In this volume, essays in English and German scrutinize the elusive phenomenon that is Laibach using a variety of perspectives and approaches, ranging from the group's industrial beginnings in the early 1980s up to its 2022 project, the symphonic work Alamut.