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Laibach Revisited - CD & Vinyl Box

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  • A limited edition, specially designed and numbered LAIBACH REVISITED CD BOX
  • A limited edition, specially designed and numbered LAIBACH REVISITED VINYL BOX 
The combined CD BOX and VINYL BOX include:
  • LAIBACH - the first album, released in 1985 (recorded in 1983), now remastered and expanded with bonus tracks
  • REVISITED – an album recorded in 2010 comprising new interpretations of songs from the first album, plus bonus tracks
  • UNDERGROUND - a unique – live– Laibach industrial concert recorded in 2012 in the Velenje Coal Mines, 200 m below the surface of the Earth
  • TERROR OF HISTORY – a 160-page book with 69 authentic Laibach linocuts, featuring an essay on Laibach written by Marcel Štefančič Jr., with additional text by the former President of Slovenia Milan Kučan
  • BOOKLET – a 36-page LP and CD sized booklet with project information and a foreword by Igor Vidmar, publisher of the first release, plus rare historical photos of the band and lyrics with translation
  • DOWNLOAD CARD - all three albums in mp3 and/or flac digital format, download: here
  • BADGE - a numbered recreation of the original metallic Laibach badge from 1982 in satin matt and nickel finish
  • POSTER - two-sided, linocut portraits of all Laibach members and honored collaborators on one side, on the other side EBER, SALIGER, DACHAUER, KELLER motive