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Laibach - Spectre Ringtones II

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Spectre ringtones collection, available as digital download.

Ringtones can be used on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows,...)


6 ringtones included:

Laibach - Eat Liver!

Laibach - The Whistleblowers (Solo Whistle)

Laibach - Koran (Morning Glory)

Laibach - No History (Alarm)

Laibach - We Are Millions

Laibach - Resistance is Futile (We are Laibach)


You can preview ringtones on the Laibach Spectre website:


Adding ringtones to your phone:

iOS users

1. Download files with your computer and unzip the "" archive
2. Open unziped files using iTunes or drag them into iTunes
3. Select "Tones" in the left drop-down menu of your iTunes Library. Ringtones should now be visible in iTunes
4. Connect your iPhone to computer and click "iPhone" in the upper right corner of iTunes
5. Navigate to "Tones" section, select "Sync Tones" and click "Sync" at the bottom-right corner of iTunes
6. On your iPhone go to Settings, then navigate to "Sounds"
7. Under "Ringtone" section, select your desired Laibach ringtone

Android users

1. Download files with your computer and unzip the "" archive
2. Connect your phone to computer and copy the .mp3 files to your phone
3. Go to Settings > Sound > Device ringtone. You will see a list of the phone’s default ringtones.
4. Tap the Add button to launch the media manager app. If your phone has several file/media manager apps, select Music Player from the popup box.
5. You will see a list of music files stored on your phone. Select your Laibach ringtone and tap Done.
6. Selected ringtone will now be your custom ringtone. Repeat the same process to add more Laibach ringtones to the default ringtones list