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Peter Mlakar: Festung der Metaphysik - Book

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Peter Mlakar: Festung der Metaphysik, Die Transgression und das Jenseits

Edited by Uwe Schütte

Translated by Vladimir Adamcek, Miriam Jeglic-Bitenc, Alfred Leskovec,

Uwe Schütte, Aleksander Studen-Kirchner, Ksenija Vidic

Peter Mlakar is driven by the great philosophical questions. Such “ultimate things” as death and nothingness, the mind and the limits of thought. A heterodox metaphysician, whose untamed reflection sets out on the trail of a super-truth.

Peter Mlakar is one of the most distinguished philosophers in Slovenia, where he is widely known, not least thanks to his televised sermons. The idiosyncratic thinker has headed the “Department of Pure and Practical Philosophy” of the artists’ collective New Slovenian Art (NSK) since 1987. In this capacity, he is active as part of the Laibach music collective, delivering provocative speeches before the start of concerts that are part of Laibach’s Gesamtkunstwerk approach. 

Festung der Metaphysik forms a cross-section of thought and writing spanning four decades that idiosyncratically transcends common philosophical demarcations. In three sections – sermons, literary writings, and philosophical treatises – the selection made by Uwe Schütte presents a sometimes provocative, sometimes entertaining, sometimes profound refelction of the insurmountable questions of philosophy. The Best of Peter Mlakar.

Peter Mlakar, born in 1951 in Ljubljana, is a philosopher, writer, musician, performer and member of the art collective New Slovenian Art (NSK).

Uwe Schütte, born in 1967, taught for two decades as a Reader in German Studies in England and is now an author in Berlin.

Format 15,5 x 23,5 cm

240 pages